Real World: Denver

I ran out of my apartment building in frantic form, hoping to catch my first solo flight to Denver. It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It was the third time I had been granted a day off since starting my first "career move" in March. 


After a few Crown Royal + Coke (doubles), an older guy named Scotty had made his last clumbsy move inside the 312 Tavern across from my terminal. Down went his glass, and out we went. 


And after a three-hour-delay and a second trip to McDonalds, I was seated next to another older dude named Bill. We were comin' in hot when the plane touched down in Denver. I almost missed the small glimpse of the mountains I would soon be hiking with my closest friends from college. 


And after an amazing 5-day-trip inside a one bedroom apartment with four women and two dudes, I give you my fondest memories of Friendsgiving lV. Enjoy *