Howard > Sheridan

"Ladies and gentleman," the officiant began, and within seconds iPhones were out, stops were missed, vows were said and love was very clearly and unexpectedly in the air. Karla asked Dan to pick the location, and Wednesday night, he chose the L.

My Thursday afternoons are usually spent running deliveries at the flower shop inside the historical Edgewater Beach Apartments. Wednesday, my Aunt Beth texted me with a favor: would I mind photographing her friends' wedding instead? 

It was around 9:45 AM on Thursday when a small group of ten boarded an empty train on the Red Line at Howard under a blue sky. Quickly looking around, ahead and behind, we jumped ship and hopped on the car behind us at the next stop to a refreshing crowd of commuters

As we passed Loyola, Dan had found a best man and Karla was amid a fairy tale wedding she had never thought of. Vows began somewhere around Bryn Mawr, and by Argyle, after their first kiss as husband and wife, passengers and family quickly searched for a song to soundtrack the ride for their first dance. 

And by Lawrence, a young woman stood up and said, "I can sing." What followed couldn't have been scripted, only felt. I quickly pushed my way through the crowd with my camera in hand. 

"At last.. my love has come along," was echoing through the train, louder than the doors closing or the rails screaming. Hands were clapping and strangers were smiling all because these two crazy Chicagoans decided to get married in front of people they didn't know in a city that they loved. 

We hopped off at Sheridan for a few photos, hugs and kisses. We got back on the train, heading North to Deluxe Diner, shared brunch and shortly after went on with the rest of our days as slightly different people for being a part of such a wonderful experience. 

I've coordinated many weddings, photographed many couples and decorated many receptions, but I must say this was a first. And I guess that's what I find beautiful about this life and love: the ability to be surprised. And somewhere between Howard and Sheridan, two really great people promised to love and grow and found a thrill they had never known.

Here are some of my photos of the wild, perfect and spontaneous union between Karla and Dan Ivankovich. Share & enjoy.

©Stephanie Tarrant 2015