Baby Buffington

*quote about the plans we make for the fate we never really control, and how greater pull directs us and projects stuff we never thought we wanted and how we float on despite it*


I remember sitting in the kitchen at 3035 when Katie said her and Tyler weren't planning to have kids.. and furrowing a brow. Not because I didn't respect that decision or hadn't heard it before.. most of the people in my circle have chosen nontraditional routes into adulthood, swapping conventional milestones for a solo flight.

But simply because I knew their plan wouldn't hold up.

We always hear about the great exceptions to rules, the stories, the friends who did this but got that. Faith in god or the universe or attraction can comfort, but what a beautiful thing to catch the moments your life changes, unbeknownst to greater plans of how you pictured your life to look. And what a gift giving and loving life can be?

Tyler and I grew close the summer he and Kate split. When they found each other again, Katie and I immediately connected. The call from inside a homemade fort to tell me about their engagement was just the beginning. Every influence, every hint, everything I knew about these two added up to something so great, unexpected and fitting. My first ever attempt at standing up in a wedding and photographing (most of) it happened in Vegas with these cats, and the memories I cherish so fondly. 

Every visit with them-as few and far between as they may be-marks growth: a time to reflect on who we are, were and want to be, recalling where we've been while away. My friendship with them has never wavered or been compromised. I hold the countless hours spent sipping and spilling tea, numerous photo sessions, being a bridesmaid to my dude's girl and loving their families close to my chest. Documenting the barbeques and the *I dos* over the last three years has been more than sentimental.  

When Katie told me they were expecting, I tried to act as surprised as I could. I cried and somehow always knew these terrific, honest and genuine people were destined to create something equally loving and lovable. 

Our talks about motherhood, childbearing, parenting and fulfilling the life you've wanted while nurturing the one you've been given has helped me cope through major turning points and uncontrollable outcomes. There are only so many things we are in charge of, like the time we make for our friends, the advice we choose to take, the place we want to exist and our attitude about source.

Ty and Kate, you demonstrate the greatest example of love, patience, courage and acceptance, all of which you've given me and I know you will put forth into parenting.  

So, without further ado, here's Javier James Buffington, JBuff, Hurricane Javi, my new bud. 

I'm so proud, and I love y'all.